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08 December 2013 @ 09:44 pm
Im actually new to this. Wait. Erase that. I have tumblr, so that means Im not new to this. Jk. Anyways, Im new to this anonymous blog making. Im really the closet jpop fangirl. That means, I dont like expressing or ranting my jpop-ness when Im in my "human" self, but if im here in this blog, I could rant all day long how AMAZING they are. One request, though,

I mean please respect me and my idols. Sooo, yeah:)
Btw!!! i'll be making fanfics for my ichibans:) Since I rarely find idols x ocs... So, i'll be making:) its also a way to express my love towards my idols... So, i hope you guys like it:)
This blog is for:
❤Hey!Say! JUMP
❤Sexy Zone
❤Akb48 (selected members:)))
❤Shida Mirai
And so many more:)

Stay tuned guys!:)
24 April 2015 @ 12:40 am
Its been awhile since I posted here in my livejournal. Honestly, Im using this for the sake of my fandoms... and other stuff. Any way, I just cant help but post something after many months. I just need to let this out. Okay, here it goes...

So firstly, I really wanted to go the music festival, which is THIS Saturday. I have a ticket and an outfit (except shoes... which is another problem of mine, but we'll get to that later).. So basically, I'm WANDER READY! But, really Im not. Damn. I freakin dont have money. Like Im broke. Like 0... literally. I asked my mom if she could give me some, like a thousand maybe? But she immediately said no because my brother needs to enroll later (since its like 12 smthn). AWKWARD... I could really like save for that concert, but my friend only confirmed to me this week... WHICH IS REALLY TOOOOOOO LATE. Now, I FREAKIN DON'T HAVE MONEY. I dont want to cause inconvenience to my mom and to my friends. PLUS! I have the ticket already... Its really a waste if I dont go... BUT STILL!!!!!!

Second, its still undecided if we have a quiz on Saturday. I mean we talked to the prof and all, plus we let the class decide, so... We wanted the quiz to be on Tuesday. The prof did not reply yet, so basically the quiz is not really moved... TAKE NOTE: there are no make up quizzes.. WHAT THE F**K?!

Lastly, the shoes. Okay... its actually my sister's shoes. Its the new trend, the Jesus' sandals??? smthn like that. It was given to her by her boyfriend (which I really don't like because he's like ewwww) or whatever person. ANYWAYS, since the theme of the festival is camping, its actually the PERFECT shoes and it goes well with my outfit. So, I asked her if we could trade shoes, I'll let her borrow my vans (WHICH I BOUGHT!) and she'll let me borrow that sandals. She simply said, "No." LIKE WTF DUDE?! I mean I usually dont borrow things from her but she steals my pants and shirts!!! LIKE DUDE?! YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!

Gosh... This all happened just yesterday... ALL AT ONCE... well not really. But yeah. It really discouraged me to go to that festival. I mean this will be the second time I will bail out on my friends. And I really dont go out because... Im a lazy person... So I rarely ask permission. Damn. I don't know what to do. I just want to cry it all out. But I know crying will not solve these... and so writing this. STILL!!! It kinda made me feel better... like 0.5 %. Oh well... Let's just see what happens.
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15 June 2014 @ 10:34 pm
Okay, awhile ago was the Japan Vs. Ivory Coast game... Okay. I can truly say, I'M INLOVE WITH UCHIDA, number 2. He really played well, but thanks to Honda, they scored... but fate is not on their side, so sad to say.... DAMN SON:((. Anyways, so I watched the game after that I watch Slam Dunk (tagalized ver.) I swear, basketball season is over (well, I really wished that Heat won over Spurs... oh well) and football is in today. But still, watching Slam Dunk is really exciting. And then just awhile ago I listened to Candle by HSJ which made me cry like hell. YAMADA!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME:(( Wow, 3 guys in just one day... 3 in 1!!!=))
Now, I really want to learn how to speak their Native language (yup even Sakuragi speaks Japanese... duh, even I bought the tagalized one:))). The only problem is, I don't know where to start. I saw one video from a japanese vlogger that he recommends lang-8.com to exercise speaking and writing. But I really don't know anything...ish. Like only some words. Can anyone help me or give me some tips how to learn this language. Actually, in my course, I have to learn Spanish 1,2,3,4 and 5. But, I'd rather choose Japanese language because I think I will really enjoy learning it than spanish. Plus, if I really want to learn that language, I can learn faster. Anyways, I will be going.
I really want to learn Japanese, please just comment some tips:) I'll be really grateful to you guys:)
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I just finished 3 dramas in 3 days... I don't know how to feel. Really. Well, I have mixed emotions for different dramas. So, I'll start now. This may be quite weird and somehow boring. Mehehe. You can't blame me tho.=)) I'm a normal person who wants to express their feelings:)
First is Kazoku Game.
GOSH! SHO IS THE B.E.S.T. I can't describe with merely words how much I adore his acting for his role. Actually, I saw this drama in tumblr of the fans of Kamiki. It's quite a long time tho. I just had this courage to watch it because they told me I should be brave watching this. I was like, "there's no way Kamiki and Sho will be that scary." It's true tho with Kamiki, but with Sho? I DON'T THINK SO.

Hearing Sho's singing "Sayonara" blah song during the drive scene with Kamiki, SHIT! It's actually creepy. Come on baby Sho! Don't use your beautiful voice for that:((.. jk=))) Anyways. He's and Kamiki's chemistry is actually great! Shinichi and Kouya-sensei in the same house? the best ep. ever!=))) Anyhoo... I was actually surprised that Kitahara Rie was there portraying Kamiki's girlfriend.

Damn. I ship them.:)) I mean that girl is one of my ichiban in AKB48 and she's really good actress, even though her role is to be head-over-heels with Kamiki. She's really effective:)
I really want to have Kazoku season 2. It will be a waste if there wasn't. The script writers are really good, and of course the actors too! (well because my biases are there:)) but still)

Next is SHARK, which has a second season.
I just got to say... SHO HIRANO IS LOVE!

Damn this kid! wow. Can't believe I just said that. Yup, he's younger than me...2 years... 2 FREAKIN YEARS:(( WHY ARE ALL GORGEOUS PEOPLE ARE EITHER YOUNGER OR SUPER DUPER OLDER THAN ME?:((( WHY?!:((( It hurts soooo much:((. *wipes tears* *slaps self* okay back to reality. Okay. I'm okay. Anyways, Yamashita Rio was there too! I really loved her in Limit... well, erase that. I despised her in Limit. SHE'S CRAZY! But she's the opposite in this drama:)) I really love her here!!!! And it might be weird but I really ship her with Mizuki (Hirano). I mean her character:)) Izumi/Mizuki 5ever! sorry kai:(

Damn that attitude Mizuki:"">. Anyways, I really love their songs! I'm trying my best to look for the mp3 of Keep Walking and Answer:((. I really cried when Mizuki sang Answer on the last episode. Its just too emotional for me:(( And the episode when Izumi listen and read Answer while she was in the place where she waited for Kitagawa:(((( I know I don't have a boyfriend or some guy who really cares for me (except my dad:))), but still, its still amazing how he sang it.:(( So, Rina is also there, and as you all know she's the reason why I watched this drama:)) without knowing anything:)) She's just supeeeeer cute!

I really TRIED to ship both of them, but I'm sorry... I just can't. I'm too focused fantasizing if there's a chance between Izumi and Mizuki.:))) Crazy eh? oh well.

(ohhh that touch:"""">)
Lastly, Pin to Kona.
I'm sorry to all Kisumai fans, but, I really did not like this drama... at all. It's not because of the actors. I LOVE THE ACTORS! Kawashima Umika, Tamamori Yuta, and Nakayama Yuma, I really love them.
It's just that, I don't like the story. At first it was really interesting the fact that its about Kabuki and love, its just that... There's no UMPH to me... Get me? I mean there was no impact to me. I was really bored watching it except with the last two episodes. But still, I was in verge of skipping every episode, but for the benefit of the doubt, I really tried to watch it... but there are scenes that I skipped.:(( But what I really like the most is the chemistry of Yuta and Yuma. YES! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! YUMA and YUTA are bromanatically compatible!:"">

Oh I just love this scene:))) It's really funny:)). Umika and Yuta is not really working for me. I mean okay, they are really cute together, but still. I still have this Shida/Yuta feels:((

This is really cute:))) But this tho:

KenxNatsu :(( I'm so excited for their season 2:(( Anyways going back. :)) Oh Yuta, you lucky bastard. You have been paired with two beautiful people, plus these two are classmates during their Senior highschool. AMAZING... But I still root for Shida:)).
Anyways, I'm really sorry for not liking pin to kona. I really tried.

So, I'm currently watching Dr. Dmat. Same with Shark, I watched this drama because of Takaki. I was also thinking that he will have a major role, oh well. I thought he will be a doctor too, but he was a fireman. DAMN! If he's my fireman, I will never let him go:""> Anyways, I'm nearing the end:)) I really don't want to finish this drama because I got really hooked up with it already:(( Ohkura Tadayoshi is sooooooo hot:""">

Damn those lips:"""> jk:)) Ohmy, I'm becoming a maniac again:)). Anyways. Yup, I love him. But, as I said before, "WHY ARE ALL GORGEOUS PEOPLE HAVE TO BE YOUNGER OR SUPER OLD?"... Damn it. :-<. Forgive my usage of language:)).
Anyways, I can't say anything more but I have a new line up of series:) I just hope my laptop doesn't give up:((
I enjoyed talking (:))) with you guys:) GANBATTE!

Bye now!

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19 April 2014 @ 01:21 pm
Am I the only one who's summer is dedicated to jdramas and idols? Oh well. College life was sooooo stressful that I ALMOST forgot my babies:(( I'm so sorry... Well, it can't be helped. Papers due the next day, surprise tests, and shiznets that are unbearable, of course you really have no time to spend it with your fave idols. That's why this summer, HELLO JDORAMAS! And I need to catch up with news and gossips. I bet my friends expected me to be in the beach and have sun-kissed skin... DUDE, I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BEACH BOD. Reality sucks... for them. My reality is heaven. Just being a bum and be with my tv is what I call SUMMER!
My friends will be like:

while I'm like this:

Shit... Does this mean I have no life? Holy Macaroni! Well it's hard to be a fangirl. To tell you the truth, it takes your mental and physical ability to survive in a world full of fan boys and girls. We are all professional fangirls. We don't give up. Its the survival of the fittest... Well... Not really. I just need to catch up 'cuz I feel shit realizing that I don't what's happening to my idols, aka my hubbies. Well I have all summer to do that. Okay. I'm actually thankful for the people/ communities here in lj. Somehow I can follow the pace in my idols' lives. :)) And because of them I'm downloading different dramas.:)

So here are my watch list. I really suck at being a fangirl.... :(((
1. Kazoku Game (starring: Sakurai Sho)

- Yeah yeah I know. SEE?! How outdated I am?! But atleast I watch Shitsuren Chocolatier:)). But still! He's actually my ichiban, but look what I have done to him..:((( Not being able to watch his drama:(( Such a bad bad baaaad FANGIRL:(((
2. Shark

- Actually I will watch this because of AKB48's Kawae Rina. I just love her. Let's see how the story goes:)
3. Pin to Kona (tamamori yuta)

- I just love Yuta and Yuma here... I mean I'm a spoiler baby, so I know-ish what's going to happen... STILL, its still the best to watch it:)) I'm actually a fan of 9nine's Umika Kawashima than Yuta and yuma, but I'll watch it because I LOOOOOOOVE the both of them:))

Well, that's about it.:) I just finished 49 which is soooooo adorbs:""> I didn't expect that I will like nogi46 and Sexy zone's Shori Sato. I love Sexy Zone, but my ichiban is kenty:)) But I started to love Shori Sato (even though he's younger than me:))). Well, that's that.
Hope you enjoy your summer everyone and have sun-kissed skin:))
If you have any drama suggestions, PLEAAASE! Just comment. I will really appreciate it:""> thank you so much... If you read it:)) bye!
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02 March 2014 @ 10:07 pm
I know I'm always late in updating... GOSH!!!! AKB RESHUFFLED AGAIN!!!!!
To tell you the truth, I'm quite happy with the teams... ESPECIALLY TEAM K!!!

Yuihan... AISHETERU:"">
She deserves all the attention... I mean she could be a center for one single.. PLEASE AKI-P:((((

Honestly I really want her to be the next ace of AKB....
She deserves it. Even from before, you can see her professionalism and how she really thrives to be the best... But there's the big three: Acchan, Takamina, and Yuko
Anyways, what really surprised me is that there is a transfer student.. Rina... or I forgot her name... from Nogizaka46.. so, that means she has the rights to be elected in Senbatsu?-_- PLEASE NO!!! I want RENA BACK IN SKT48:((( I mean she should hold a concurrent position in Akb not in Nogizaka46.. Im really sorry for the fans of Nogizaka... but still, I'm loyal to AKB and SKT48.
Another, Rena of JKT48, I hope she will become a senbatsu member.. I mean come on! You made her "kinda" leave JKT while she was in the spotlight... PLEASE PLEASE
Lastly, I hope Miyazaki Miho will comeback in Senbatsu:(((
After all she's the 5th gen ace... PLEASE:(((
I hope this new AKB48 will be better... or improve... that's all!:))
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02 March 2014 @ 09:31 pm
Dear Friend,
First of all, this is too weird. I'm not that kind of person who will approach first to apologize, yet here I am babbling it in here. Yup. I'm a coward. I know I am, yet I deny it because I want to appear strong for you guys. I'm older than you two, so I must be the strongest, and a good leader... However, its the opposite. You had the courage to apologize, well not really, more of being guilty... still... You approach me first. We both know that its not just you who have faults, me too.
Here it is: I AM SORRY.
I am sorry for those harsh words I've been using to you. I didn't know that you're hurting already. I told you right? Tell me, or I will continue to think that its a joke. I know my limit... okay? I'm not public shouting at you, calling you a bitch, but when were only together that's what I'm calling you. I have my reasons.... But later i'll explain. Another, sorry for not talking to you last time. Friend 1 said you wanted to talk to me. Im sorry, but I don't like bridges. I want you to come to me... besides, you are the one who publicly humiliated me. But still... yeah
Okay. I told you right? I will be okay? I am okay, its just that, things can't be rushed... so Im okay emotionally, but our relationship? Oh well, sorry, no. Okay, for my reason to call you and somehow treat you this way is because I've become attached with you guys. I've trusted you too much. If you don't want my true self, sorry. Then we might as well be like this distant... Besides I can see you're having fun with your new group. You being introduced to your crush, being sided... not even hearing my side, and so on. I guess its better off this way. That's why...
Thank you for bearing with me. I know you didn't like my weirdness and my bitchy attitude, but I love you guys... and it hurts seeing us like this. I'm not expecting us to be the same way as before but know this, I still trust you guys... Even though you never heard my side of the story...

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Since it's Christmas, I would like to post a oneshot:) Im really in the mood and I have time, so here it is:)

Your POV
I knew it. He's not coming. What's the use of preparing a candle light dinner, when you know that promises are meant to be broken. What do you expect, he is an idol. Filming during Christmas eve is normal for them. While they are singing, dancing, and having fun talking about stuff, here you are looking stupid.
"I've had enough."
I blew the candles, cleaned the table and washed the dishes. Such a waste. I took my coat and went outside for some air. That is what I needed, air... Space.
While walking, all I can see are couples holding hands, giving gifts, worse... Kissing. Why the hell am I bitter? Oh right... I'm alone. Suddenly I passed by the television shop. I stopped. It's him. Performing their new single. I can't help but smile. He really is good looking. But a tear escaped from my eye. I wiped it. It didn't stop. Next thing I knew I was crying. I walked away that shop. Its time to tell him. Its the best for both of us.
I kept on walking, passing by some couples, when suddenly I bumped to someone. I was literally fell on my butt.
"OH MY! I'm sorry... I didn- _____-chan?" When I looked up, I can't help say his name, "Ryosuke?"
"GOUMENAZAI!" He helped me stand up. "Daijoubu." Lie. Im not okay. I smiled... ish. I really don't want to face him.
"Liar. You are not okay. It's my fault again. I broke my promise... and I bumped you... accidentally... STILL! I hurt you."He's coming closer. I don't want it. I don't him to see me cry. I turned my back on him and started to walk away, but he was fast. He was infront of me now.
"Just leave me alone. I'm okay. See? I can still walk. Now, go!" I tried to push him but he won't move. Now I'm crying. He can't see me like this.
"I won't leave you. Not when you're like this... when we're like this. Am I too late?" He held my chin up so he can clearly see my face. He wiped my tears using his thumb. I swear, I was lost by his stare, his nose, his mouth... his face. "I'm sorry." He suddenly kneel. I was surprised. But what surprised me the most is, he is crying. I've never seen him cry. I lowered to his level. I cupped his cheeks. And I did what he did to me; I wiped his tears with my thumb.
"Please, don't cry." I hugged him. I just can't help but forgive this stupid but wonderful person. The only person who could make my heart skip a beat. "I won't leave you. I forgive you." He hugged tighter. Suddenly, I was carried by him.
"PUT ME DOWN! NOW!" He keeps laughing, but he puts me down. I smiled. "I hate you." I pouted.
"HUH?! WHY?!" I can't help but laugh at his reaction. "BAKA! I can't stay mad at you forever" Then I kissed his cheeks.
He looked up, and I can't but to look up too. "Mistletoe." We both said. We both smiled, and knew what will happen next... under the mistletoe.
18 December 2013 @ 08:40 pm

I was busy... I truly am sorry:(( I tried so hard to update this blog, well as you can see, I FREAKIN FAILED. I really don't know how this thingo works, so please bear with me. Anyways. I COULDN'T STOP RAPING THAT REPLAY BUTTON. I MEAN WHO WOULDN'T RIGHT?!
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ride With Me -short ver.- [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts
The problem is... I CAN'T SHARE IT TO MY FRIENDS:(((( That is the worst part. Okay. I love... No erase that. I'M FREAKIN MARRIED TO MILEY RAY CYRUS, But Im also in love with HEY SAY JUMP. I hate it when I just keep it in myself (that's why made this fangirl blog only for jpop). IT HURTS IN MY CHEST:(((. How much I love to spread Jpop than KPOP. Anyways... going back. I LOVE THEIR NEW IMAGE:((((( I can't stop crying while watching their video:(((. Okay. I'm crazy. But hey! I'm loyal to them... ish. Okay... But I love them more than any other jpop groups that I like:""> That's for sure.:)
Ohhh Chinen. You've matured. *nods*
What I'm really looking forward is their WHOLE MUSIC FREAKIN VIDEO:(((. Damn. I love their new concept. Its like James Bond, at the same time partying... and etc. Ohmy BOYS... They've grown... I mean the age. (Sorry Yama-chan, Dai-chan, and Chinen:))
Anyways. This is it for now. More to come to the future:) Bye!!!

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